Our Partner Program

I know first hand the challenges of Personal Trainers and Gym / Studio / Fitness Centres. 

We offer additional revenue streams for PTs (no, you don't need a physical site to benefit from these opportunities!) and owners of Gyms, Studios and Fitness Centres.

You can retail (we sell to you at wholesale prices) these amazing products and experiences alongside your existing services and products.

  • Cash Back Referral Program on Body Composition Scans

  • Onsite pop-up Body Scan Station with mobile scanning capability and wholesale pricing for you to make retail margin

  • Wholesale pricing on a high-quality range of products including:

  • quality protein powders, bars and supplements

  • wholefood supplements from world-leading brand using organic farming methods since 1934 - vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

  • Water purifying unit and filters for use in gym and to retail to clients

  • Air purifying unit and filters for use in gym and to retail to clients

Cash back Referral Body Scans
Scanner Science
Pop Up Onsite Body Scans
Client EVOLT 360
Exciting range of energy products
World Class Range of quality Protein Products
World Class range of organic supplements
proven established effective weightloss program
Purified Water Units and Filters
Purified Air Units and Filters
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