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Where does my food come from?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

You may remember the book when you were growing up (if you are my vintage) Where do I come from? It was a funny little cartoon book to explain conception, pregnancy and child birth.

I pose the same question here, but about your food.

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Some of the latest conversations around right now are around organic vs non-organic.

We all want to live better, feel better, live and look healthier. I honestly believe some are exploiting that desire by promoting things that make very little, if any difference.


Organic means that the produce has been produced without pesticides and herbicides. That’s a wonderful thing, better for the environment. Does that automatically mean that the product has more nutritional value? Not necessarily. Part of the reason for this is that we have no idea of the quality of the soils where the produce is grown. If the soils are depleted then in turn the produce will all be deficient. I t typically supports local growers, and will be transported from much less distance, perhaps to farmer’s markets or the like.


Non-organic can be scary. Potentially exposed to gasses, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides in the growing stage. The same depleted soils, then stored for up to a year in freezers and cool rooms, simply so you can get access to fruits and vegetables all year round.

Where have the seasons gone?

We are aware that fruits and vegetables are seasonal, right? There have been studies done that show the nutritional content of food starts to diminish within minutes of coming off the tree or out of the ground... At the moment of picking, it is the highest the nutritional value will ever be.

Some ask whether the correct supplementation is beneficial or not. I absolutely believe it is, but all supplements are not created equal. The deficiency from our food sources means regardless of whether your food is organic or not, supplementation is absolutely required for optimal health.

Final vote, if it is affordable for you to buy organic, absolutely, but don’t assume that it has what you need nutritionally.

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