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The 4 keys to weight loss

I know this one has been talked about ad nauseum. However generally most believe that weightloss is dependent upon 2 components. Diet and exercise. Are these important? Of course. Is this the truth? Of course, it’s just not the whole truth.

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There are actually 4 components to effective, efficient, safe & sustainable weight loss:

1. Diet - this is the number one because its number 1 in importance. You can train the house down and if you don’t fuel your body correctly weightloss will be stifled, frustrating and ultimately most will lose interest, give up and revert to what they know. The challenge is there are so many options in the market place right now to lose weight, majority of which work in the short term but are neither sustainable or the best for you. This part of the equation is around the 80% of your success. One of the biggest bits of misinformation in this realm is that "if I eat less I will lose weight". Done correctly, with the correct food, its actually the opposite. The people I work with, if they don’t lose weight it’s often because they are not eating enough. Imagine never being hungry and being able to lose weight.

2. Exercise – there are so many misconceptions around this part of the equation. "The more I do, the harder I work, the more I sweat the better off I am". Many of us have paid trainers to train us, and it’s almost a badge of honour for a trainer to work us to the point of collapse, or better still, vomiting. For weightloss and fat burning, the very best form of exercise is to walk, somewhere from 8-12000 steps per day, it will achieve the very best fat burning results. The idea of using a trainer to increase fitness is a very different proposition and I am definitely an advocate, however we are talking weight loss here.

3. Water – A critical part of the equation, we have all heard we are 60-70% water, it’s absolutely true. There is scientific evidence to support that people can lose weight simply by increasing water intake. It helps increase your metabolic rate, it helps expel the toxin build up in your body and allows your body to operate as it should. There are a couple of conditions around this, you need to drink somewhere around 2 litres of water daily, this can vary greatly depending on work environment, exercise regime, etc. it needs to be filtered water or better still purified water, it helps on so many aspects of your health. Drinking the correct amount of quality water throughout the day especially prior to eating can reduce our appetite, thus reducing the amount of food we feel the need to consume.

4. Sleep – there is an optimal amount of sleep for each individual. I don’t know what it will be for you, as everyone is different. You need to find out what your optimal amount is. Typically it will be less than you think, and then you need to do everything in your power to achieve that level. Importantly, levels of the hormone cortisol dip at bed time and increase over the night to promote alertness in the morning. Sleep supports a healthy immune system, and can balance our appetite by helping to regulate levels of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which play a role in feeling hungry or full. When we’re sleep deprived, we may eat more than we need to. The one-third of our lives that we are asleep shapes the quality of life for the other two-thirds of our lives.

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