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Eat for optimal health

Each of us need food to fuel this finely oiled machine we call the human body - admit it you loved me calling you a finely oiled machine!

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Without it, eventually you would die, although many of us have stores that would last us quite a long time before that would happen.

For most of us if we are honest, we eat because something tastes good, some are what we call emotional eaters, happy, sad, angry, worried, we eat because we are hungry, very few of us eat for nutritional value or content.

Here is the problem that we face, where is our food coming from, what nutritional value has it got, what outside influences such as herbicides and pesticides are used during the production process, are we eating the right things to give us the nutrition we require to function properly.

Every week there is some new fad that you can try, eat this and you will cure baldness, solve the problem of a troublesome teenager, I’m saying this tongue in cheek of course, but there is truth to it, here is the thing, every time you take something from your diet whether it be meat, vegetables, grains, fruit or fats, we are deficient, the body needs every one of these to function effectively. Now vegetarians and vegans relax, there are substitutes and whatever reason you have for choosing not to eat meat it is absolutely your choice, however even in our language we should know it’s important, hence the term a meat substitute, it’s not actually the meat we need to substitute but the nutritional components that’s are in the meat.

Research shows that a large majority of people (around 90+% do not get the required serves of fruit and vegetables daily to give the body what it needs).

The biggest misconception is that "because I eat 7-9 serves of fruit and vegetables I will be fine". The problem with that thinking is this, does the food have the nutritional value that it once did or that it should, or that we expect? The answer is NO.

Most of us buy fruits and vegetables straight from the supermarket, horrifying news, the fruit you are eating may have been picked off the tree 12 months ago and stored in refrigeration for that period of time until you buy it. Now just so you know, the minute it is picked from the tree or vine or pulled from the ground, that piece of fruit or vegetable will no longer increase in nutritional value, in fact from that moment forward the nutritional value is on the decline, oh yes it will ripen, but it’s as good as it gets at that moment.

I hear a few of you saying oh I’m ok I buy organic. That’s the answer right? Well unfortunately not necessarily. Organic simply means that the product has not been sprayed with deadly pesticides, it does not guarantee that the nutritional content is any better, although it probably is but how much it’s impossible to tell, because here is the point, the fruit or vegetable gets its nutrition from the ground via the tree or vine, if the soil is deficient then the food will also be.

There was a study done some time back on oranges, testing for the vitamin c levels in an orange. The results were horrific, a couple of oranges straight off the shelf at the supermarket contained no vitamin c at all, and each and every one of the oranges tested the quantity of vitamin c was largely reduced. This is why I recommend supplementing with a quality range of supplements.

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