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Why should you listen to me?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I am a 48 year old ex tradie. When I was a tradie, I was able to maintain a weight of 90kgs. I was eating pretty much anything I liked, always from the 5 major food groups: Pizza, KFC, Maccas, Hungry Jacks and Ice cream. I drank coke and alcohol in copious amounts, and my weight stayed the same 90Kgs.

Most would think I was quite healthy. It turns out nothing could be further from the truth, my insides were dying. Then I injured my back at age 27, which meant I could no longer do my highly physical job. I continued to eat the same amount and types of food. I love food, of all kinds. No surprises - my weight ballooned more than 120kgs. I still ate too much of the wrong things and the weight stayed. My energy levels plummeted and it took all I had to just get out of bed and get moving every day.

Due to my back injury and carrying all the extra weight I was constantly in pain, unbearable pain. I recognised things need to change at around 33-34.

And so it began, the infamous dieting regime. I tried them all, shakes, potions, diets, detoxes.

I don’t think there was a program invented I haven’t tried. And you know I succeeded at each of them (while I was on the program!). Every one of them caused me to lose weight - but it never stayed off. I love food. Most of them left me feeling deprived, unfulfilled and worst of all hungry. Remember, I love food. I joined gyms (and even attended from time to time), went to classes, I tried everything.

NZ - Before the program

I followed this path until I was around 41. Despite all my effort, all my deprivation, all my hunger and all the frustration and injuries from working out incorrectly, my weight had moved from 120 to 125. I did not know how to make the changes I knew I needed to make.

It really hit home to me on a trip to NZ over Christmas of 2011. I was around about 400-500 metres into what was going to be a 5km trail walk, and I was in a world of pain. I had a pulse in my forehead, I was puffing and panting, struggling to breathe. It was the worst feeling ever. I honestly thought I would collapse.

When I came home to Australia and spoke to a professional athlete friend of mine who had been exposed to a program, which he referred to as a wellness program (interestingly he didn’t refer to it as a weight loss program). It caught my attention and I decided I needed to investigate this further. So I attended one of the information nights. It blew my mind the things that were discussed. I heard things like "if you are overweight it’s because you don’t eat enough". I was thinking these people are weird. I love food and I eat plenty.

I learned the key to weightloss was eating often, in fact between and 8-12 times a day. You should never be hungry they said. They talked about a proven predictable system to follow to achieve the results, again I was blown away. They talked about getting re-educated, unlearning what I thought I knew about nutrition and healthy diets. I had never been offered an education around any of the other things, or programs or diets I had tried before.

after the program

I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose. So following the program to the letter I began, on this journey. From day 1, the results started. The scales started to drop instantly. Within 5 months I had lost 35kgs of body fat and my energy levels were sky high. I went from doing little or no exercise, to running the Gold Coast marathon. The transformation was phenomenal.

I did all of this eating 8-12 times a day. But more importantly I had been to the doctor prior to commencing and had my bloods done and found out I was actually pre-diabetic - all of my key indicators were up. Blood pressure, cholesterol, the lot. Once I had achieved my goal weight, which ironically was 90Kgs, (my previous base), I returned to the doctor and had all my numbers taken again. The results were incredible. In every single measurement my key indicators were in the lower end of the normal range. Not only had I succeeded in losing weight, I had improved my health.

From that day, I have had a passion for sharing the program with anyone who is interested in making a lifestyle change, and have seen phenomenal results across the board on so many levels.

Work with me

I am not some guru. I am not some skinny person who has never had a weight problem. I know your pain. I know your frustration. I know the struggle. I am simply someone who has found a proven predictable system that I have taken advantage of, and helped many others do the same thing through my coaching and mentoring.

And I know I can help you.

Please contact me directly and get the information to enable you to make a decision if this program is right for you

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