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Life is a series of choices

We live in a world right now where chronic disease is a significant part of our world. Most medical professionals will tell you the majority of the ills we as human beings suffer are due to lifestyle choices. What do they mean by that? I don't know about you, but I have never once had a piece of cake or a donut, a cigarette, or a bottle of Jack empty itself into my mouth. Neither have I had lettuce fall into my mouth, nor gone for a 5km jog or listened to positive reinforcement material by accident. It sounds ridiculously obvious, but every one of these things are a choice. We choose to do each of these things. The wonderful thing is we get to choose! The problem is, we get to choose! Most of us are choosing incorrectly, and not in line with the outcomes we desire.

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A major part of the problem is what is marketed to us - and is now seen as normal.. It’s only normal because so many people do it now. In the past a large percentage of people were farmers, doing hard physical work daily from 6am to 6pm and ate home cooked meals at every meal time.. guess what was considered normal then?

Who would like to suffer with chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease? I assume nobody would. It’s a silly question. So then, WHY on earth would your daily actions be ones that can only take you to one of those destinations? We live in a world that is running at a crazy pace and yet most of us do less / move less than we have ever done.

I’m not yet 50 but I remember when, to change the channel on the tv, you had to get up and turn the knob. If you wanted something to eat, you had to prepare it. Or at the very least go to a shop that sold the food you wanted to eat. No longer. We literally can do life without moving from our couch, and not surprisingly, many of us do.

Growing up, we had a take away meal one night a week. If I was lucky, I got a tuckshop order for school lunch once a week. Other than that, I was eating home prepared, reasonably nutritious meals. No longer. The list of diseases above, and there are many more that I haven’t listed, are largely created by lifestyle choices (not always of course).

If I introduced you to the concept of living a full, energetic, positive, injury free, pain free, disease free life.. wouldn’t that be a better list to check off? Obviously I can’t make that promise, because “stuff” happens right.. but what if I said, you can put the odds in your favour? Wouldn’t that be worth considering? Maybe not in the immediate, because that cheesecake and chocolate (I list both of these because they are my kryptonite); or that beer ; or a “social” cigarette (as a way to just a way to fit in) feel so good in the moment. Watching Netflix is such a better option on my day off than getting out for a run, or even a walk.. Especially when it’s raining or it’s hot, or I had a big day / week at the office and I just want to relax..

..but for long term health and well being we need to make better choices. If you don’t know and you do something,it’s not your fault. Different story if you do know something is bad for you and you do it anyway. That’s a choice.

As I share with my kids, every choice has a consequence. If you don’t want the result, make a different choice!

I am not here to tell you what to do. The choice is yours. If you want to change the outcome though, I can help. If you have no idea where to start, I can help. Call, message or email me and let’s have a chat about making the shift.

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