• Wayne Hopkins

Bloom where you are planted

Where are you planted?

Did you know that mankind has recovered viable seeds that are 31,800 years old. They were found 38 metres below the permafrost in Siberia. Down a squirrel hibernation burrow.

We recovered these seeds and it was discovered that the seeds were still viable, they were planted, they took root and grew, and flowers were produced from these seeds. What did that take? Fertile ground, water, sunlight, all the key components for a plant to grow. If they were never located in that place they may very well have sat down that hole for another 30000 years. And the built in DNA of that seed would never have germinated & flourished

What has this got to do with my life and success? I hear you ask. And my answer is everything.

You see these seeds had the DNA inside them for in excess of 30000 years and the whole time it was just waiting to come out. What was missing? A fertile environment that would allow that seed to flourish and do what it was meant to do, which is, take root, grow and flower and bless the world with its beauty.

plant in hands

The lack of that environment was all that was missing, it always had the potential, that never changed in over 30000 years. I know you’re not that old, but you are the same. You have within you the DNA for success. It was there from day 1 and it will be there until the end of your days, the choice is yours whether you choose to allow it to germinate or not. You will need the human equivalent of fertile ground, water and sunlight to germinate.

What are those equivalent components. Input, surrounded by like-minded people, and unlike the plant, we have a choice, the plant if you put in fertile ground, with water, nutrients and sunlight, has no choice, it will grow, oh as long as we protect it from vermin looking to destroy it when it is a young tasty little plant. As a human being you need to choose to grow.

  • So, what are you listening to and reading, what is your input?

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with, is it by people who build you, encourage you and stand with you against the vermin?

  • Have you chosen to germinate and grow, only you can decide that?

  • Are you protected from the vermin, who are you letting speak into your life or potentially stunt that growth that you have inside you?

Don’t allow what is inside you to lie dormant throughout time, it will be a blessing to the world for you to allow it to germinate, grow and flower, as you are programmed to do.

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