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Can't resist Resistance Bands

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I love resistance bands as an option for training. So much so that primarily at The Wellness Game we use Resistance Bands in the studio rather than dumbbells, barbells and machines.


Resistance Bands can be used in every aspect of your training to ensure muscle activation through a full range of movement: through the Concentric and Eccentric phase of the movement. Bands work parts of the muscle underworked when using free weights. They force you to control your tempo through the entire range of motion. They also come in a variety of resistance levels so you can continue to progress the more you utilize them.

Resistance Bands

Also, Resistance Bands are something that you can have in your home, they are easily transportable (which means you can take them on holidays with you, so you never have to miss a workout), can be used in a hotel room, a park, on the beach, wherever you wish to work out and are inexpensive compared to the other options available to you. They take up very little space in the home, can be stored easily.

They are safe, they can also be used to make movements easier or more difficult.

They can be used in the warm up, actual resistance session, stretching and the cool down

Talk to me about how you can use Resistance Bands in your get healthy or weightloss journey.

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