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Take away the guesswork, get the facts on your health

Here at The Wellness Game, we are into facts, science and evidence. We are not into the latest fads, gimmicks or trends when it comes to your and my optimal health.

For that reason we have incorporated some fantastic technology in the form of an Evolt 360 BIA body composition scanner. What is that I hear you ask?

BIA - Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis. A low frequency electrical current that passes through your body and gives you a complete and comprehensive anaysis of your body composition. Including, lean muscle mass, skeletal weight, body fat both subcutaneous and visceral (the dangerous one), how well hydrated your body is. All this in a non invasive 60 second scan. You will need to download an app on your smart phone which will allow you to track your progress every step of the way.

I am often asked to travel to gyms prior to them commencing an 8 or 12 week challenge so they can incorporate the actual numbers of the results thier clients achive through the challenge, rather than just scale weight, which is such a misleading and often demoralising number, but its what people often become obsessed with, incorrectly.

I have had clients who have weighed in after a challenge and have put weight on, when they got an an average scale, but upon further investigation with the Evolt scanner the numbers were very, very different. They had gained lean muscle mass, their subcutaneous fat and visceral fat numbers had dropped dramatically and they were better hydrated, overall they were much healthier than before, all things a scale couldnt tell them, it simply said they were heavier.

I have also had clients who, looking at them you would say they were skinny and probably healthy people, get on the scanner and identify that infact even though they weighed less than 50kgs in body weight, thier visceral fat numbers were at dangerous levels and without a scan they would have been totally unaware.

If you live in the Brisbane area and would like to book in to come and have a scan done or if you are an owner or member of a gym who would like me to come and service a number of your members please dont hesitate to email me at

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